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“The whole effect is one of supreme high tech, absolutely cutting edge”

Top Gear

Christian von Koenigsegg
Founder of Koenigsegg Automotive AB

Koenigsegg Miami Hyper Cars is the epitome of elite machinery.  Christian von Koenigsegg began with the complexities of machinery and technology at the tender age of ten.  His idea was to create the perfect sports car.  Fast forward a few years, to 22, and Mr Koenigsegg accomplished that goal.  With the tenacity and wit to complete his goal, Christian utilized his depth of knowledge in innovation to create the Koenigsegg CC.  It was the reincarnation of his dreams, which gave him the courage to pursue his passion further by starting his own car company.

Koenigsegg Miami Hyper cars was born when Christian showed an early interest for design and enjoyed the challenges created and provided depth by discovering new technical solutions. As a young boy ,he dismantled video recorders and toasters, just to see how they worked and whether they could be improved.  His mind was an endless space of knowledge and tact.  Koenigsegg became an avid inventor, creating patents that he still holds today, including the ‘Rocket’ Catalytic Converter and the Supercharger Response/Relief system.  After creating patents, owning an import/export company and growing weary of his life plans, Christian made a change.

In 1994, at just age of just 22, Christian launched the Koenigsegg car company and set about creating what he believed to be the ultimate car, one for which no technical solution was deemed too difficult.  Fast forward a decade or so and Koenigsegg maintains a full R&D department with state-of-the-art equipment to access.   Christian sketched the  technical layout of the car on his own and  with a small team working for little funds wages, hand-modeled all components for the vehicle. The prototype was completed in 1996 – just two years after the project began.

His first prototype had an amazing monocoque chassis with specially designed suspension, brakes, wishbones and uprights.  The full interior with side glass and electric windows made it a beautiful vehicle.

Rather like his cars, Christian’s company moved at a record pace. In 2002, Koenigsegg began series production of the CC8S model, a car that was fully homologated and crash tested for the European market. It proved to the world that it is indeed possible for a passionate, dedicated young man to rival the old, established supercar brands.