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Koenigsegg Agera S

Koenigsegg Miami Agera S | Hyper Cars Miami Florida

The Koenigsegg Miami Agera S arrived in the automotive marketplace in 2012. The Agera S at Koenigsegg Miami features new Aircore hollow carbon fiber wheels, upgraded power and enhanced aerodynamics. The Agera S has an incredible top speed of over 400 km/h. It runs on regular Petrol and comes with a newly developed 1040 hp twin turbo engine.  The Agera S is revolutionary  Koenigsegg car and the only true roadster Hypercar production vehicle  with a detachable and stowable hardtop, thereby offering the best of two worlds. This, in combination with 120 litres of luggage space, truly combines extreme performance with everyday usability.


The 2014 Agera S was created specifically for emerging markets.  It caters to locations and markets where E85 fuel is unavailable. The Agera S has all the features and functions of the Agera R except for flexfuel capability.  That is what sets the vehicles apart. Despite not running on high-octane biofuel, Koenigsegg has still managed to extract an amazing 1100Nm of torque and a full 1030hp from the 5-liter Bi-turbo V8 when run on 98 octane RON or 93 octane DIN.  Koenigsegg’s use of the latest in turbocharging materials and design technology gives the Agera S maximum flexibility when it comes to power delivery. The reduced inertia of the turbine wheel and axle provides a much improved response.

Koenigsegg Miami Agera S | Hyper Cars Miami Florida FL